Dystopia Designer Mask Collection

For the Rebel in You

Dystopia offers face coverings that reflect the challenging times we face and the feelings they evoke. We hope that your time wearing these masks is brief and that you will love the sentiments they embrace.


Chaos among our governments has made it clear we need to smash the system. Our fight against injustice is more important than ever.



We’ve seen justice tested over and over this year. Here’s a wink to everyone’s childhood arbiter of right and wrong.


Fuck You Pinstripe

Keep it classy while subtly sending a message to anyone standing too damn close or not wearing a mask.



Never has music felt more important as we soundtrack our unexpected journey. Put your lighters up for this one.


Guns N Roses

Welcome to the jungle, indeed.


Mud Cloth

For those whose lives are not consumed by possessions and money, this mask celebrates their powerful connection with our earth.



There are still a few things we can do to distract us from the stress of the current times. Here’s to you and your non-socially distanced partner – Let’s get it on.


Skull Wall

Catacombs remind us of the fragility of life. Now is the time to spend our days making a positive difference in the lives of those around us.


Super Heroes

We’re in need of a superhero right now. This one is dedicated to the virologists working towards a vaccine.


The Finger

At some point in every day you’re likely going to think: F Covid 19.

Dystopia face coverings are non-medical grade face masks made of two layers of breathable cotton. Each mask has a soft cotton lining with a hidden pouch to let you add the filter of your choosing.
Also, to ensure a good fit, the over the ear elastic includes a toggle to let you adjust the elastic length. The Dystopia product line is made locally in California, USA.
Each mask costs $20.00 and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to SEARCH, a non profit organization that supports Special Event Professionals and organizations in Crisis.


Behind this collection is creative director and founder of Kristin Banta Events, an experiential event design firm based in Los Angeles.


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